Remember that Time…?: Christina DeCicco

Remember that time when Christina DeCicco (former Glinda – 1st National Tour) was performing the scene before “Popular” with Victoria Matlock (former Elphaba, s/b Elphaba – 1st National Tour) and dropped Elphaba’s bottle that belonged to her mother? It was the part where Glinda holds it in the air as Elphaba tries to get it back, and it slipped out of her hand and shattered into pieces. It made the next line even more powerful – “it was my mother’s.”

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2 Responses to Remember that Time…?: Christina DeCicco

  1. sparklegem says:

    I actually love that. How did they justify Glinda having the bottle after the melting, however?

  2. Patricia says:

    Remember it? I was there! I guess Galinda used some Krazy Glue to fix it. 🙂

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