Fan Interview: Jai Moore

Today, an interview from Jai Moore. We bent the rules a little bit for this fan interview because Jai has not seen three different performers as Glinda – he’s just seen a lot of Dianne Pilkington! However; due to the immense amount of understudies he has seen in other roles, we present his interview below!

Who is your favourite Elphaba and why?
Cassidy Janson. I was at first very reluctant at finding out the standby was on. It was my second time seeing Wicked and seeing a show so i didn’t really understand the joy of seeing an understudy/standby. Cassidy Jansons performance literally blew me away and i was really sad i only saw her the once. Her Elphaba portrayal was outstanding and she played the role with such depth which i think to this day confirmed my love for the show. Her acting was top notch and she was on fire vocally. She struck me as the type of actress who has chemistry with everyone she performs with which was proved that night as i also saw the Fiyero second understudy Mark Evans who was on for the first time.
Which Elphie/Glinda pair do you think has the best chemistry?
Although not my favourite pair, i would have to say Kerry Ellis and Dianne Pilkington. I think them being friends and knowing each other before being cast in the show definitely improved the chemistry between the both. Them also being similar ages aswell contributed to this.
Who is your favourite Fiyero and why?
Mark Evans – He was the second understudy when i saw him and he was on for the first time. You certainly could not tell this. He is a very confident singer/dancer/actor which definitely helps being in the chauvinistic role of Fiyero. His chemistry with both Cassidy and Dianne that night was damn hot.
Who is your favourite Morrible and why?
This would definitely have to be Harriet Thorpe who i think is one of the best casting decisions Wicked London has ever made. Her portrayal is so finely tuned it scares you. She mixes both manipulation, power and maternal care which obviously contributes to her timely demise. Her Defying Gravity speech is also one of the most scariest things i have ever witnessed.
Who is your favourite Wizard and why?
I don’t have a favourite wizard because quite frankly i don’t care for the role much. Having seen five actors perform though each and everyone of them showcased their amazing talents and abilities.
What other standouts have you seen in other principal roles? What about ensemble?
Natalie Anderson as Nessarose. She is beyond amazing. Her belting isn’t that strong but her acting is immense. George Ure as Boq, who is that adorable that when you watch him you just want to run up and give him a big hug. Each set of ensemble has been fantastic which is proven as alot of them have gone onto to play lead roles in the show.
Who are some standout understudies you have seen?
Sabrina Carter as Elphaba, practically perfect in every way. Mark Evans as Fiyero. Nadine Cox as Morrible (alot of people thought she was too young to play the role but in my opinion she wasn’t. Definitly George Ure as Boq who is getting lead at the next CC which is great.
Who is the nicest person you have met at the stagedoor?
Definitely Natalie Anderson. She always almost comes out after matinees which is rare for the London lot. Anything is never too much and she will always sign and take pictures even if it takes her all night.
What was your favourite time seeing the show?
July 26th 2008 – This was a cast swap show where Ashleigh came on for Alexia. Me and a friend were joking about this before the show started so you can imagine our faces when Ashleigh ran out after popular.
Other than Wicked, what are some of your favourite shows?
Legally Blonde, Hairspray, Mary Poppins, 9 to 5.
Which “Wicked” alumni/current cast member’s work outside of “Wicked” do you admire most?
Kerry Ellis. She is an amazing British talent who just keeps wowing and wowing with everything she does.
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    I’m quite jealous that you got to see Mark, he only went on the once, didn’t he? Great interview!

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