Way to Help Haiti & Get Some Awesome Merchandise

Erin Wilson (Ensemble; u/s Madame Morrible – 2nd National Tour) has created a wonderful way for the cast of “Wicked” and its fans to help Haiti “For Good”. Visit her blog by clicking here, where you can bid on some wonderful merchandise and props from the show, including:

– a poster signed by the entire cast of the 2nd National Tour

– promotional photos signed by various cast members of the 2nd National Tour

– REAL props from the show, such as Elphaba & Glinda’s letters to their parents used in “What is this Feeling?”, signed by Marcie Dodd (Elphaba) and Heléne Yorke (Glinda); and Fiyero’s letter to Elphaba, signed by Colin Donnel (Fiyero).

Please visit her site and try to help Haiti “For Good”.

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