Stephanie Torns to join Broadway Cast of "Wicked"

Stephanie Torns (current 1st National Tour Ensemble & u/s for Elphaba) will be joining the Broadway cast of “Wicked” in February. It is currently unclear whether this is a promotion to lead or standby or whether she is remaining in the ensemble, but the latter is more likely, because Chelsea Krombach (Ensemble & u/s Elphaba on Broadway) is departing the show to understudy Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda – original Broadway Cast) in “Promises, Promises”.

Congratulations to Stephanie! You can read an exclusive interview we conducted with her in December here!

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  1. Billy says:

    Becky Gulsvig to join the San Francisco Cast of Wicked.

    Becky Gulsvig from Legally Blonde will assume the role of Glinda on June 8, 2010. Also joining are Jeff McLean (Fiyero).

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