Fan Interview: Tyler Medeiros

This fan interview is done by Tyler Medeiros, a fan of the show based in Louisiana who has at present seen the show four times between three productions – the most recent of which he was blessed to see Laura Woyasz as Glinda! Check it out below!

Who is your favorite Elphaba and why?
That is a question that I find very difficult to answer! Each Elphaba I have seen I have grown to love and appreciate in many different ways. However, as seeing Dee’s performance is most recent, I would have to say her. She delivers her lines very straight forward with no remorse, and I like that. Her vocals are very clean and clear, and she seems to love what she does. (hint: she’s been with the show since ’06!)

Who is your favorite Glinda and why?
My favorite Glinda would have to be Laura Woyasz. This girl seriously needs to be promoted. She is a mix of some of my favorite Glinda’s (such as Megan Hilty, Kendra Kassebaum, Annaleigh Ashford, etc) and she is so spontaneous. The way she delivers her lines have you totally under her spell. Not to mention that her vocals are beyond better than I myself have witnessed.

Which Elphie/Glinda pair do you think has the best chemistry?
I believe that Marcie and Helene truly have the best chemistry. They are roommates and when the curtain goes down after every show, they do this really cute dance. It’s one of those things that you have to witness to be mesmorised like I was.

What other standouts have you seen in other principal roles? What about ensemble?
Stephanie Torns! My God have you heard her?! For some reason, Wicked and it’s fans seem to LOVE women in the show with this name (Stephanie J. Block). She is the understudy Elphaba on the 1st Tour and she is seriously the next big thing!

Who are some standout understudies you have seen?
I’ve never really have seen an understudy besides Samantha Zack as the Witch’s Mother, but I’m not sure that counts?

Who is the nicest person you have met at the stagedoor?
Oh gosh they are all so nice! Kristine Reese was definitely the nicest Wicked cast member I have had the pleasure to meet. She came right over to us and stayed their for about 20 minutes. She asked me what school I went to, where I lived, and asked if she could sign stuff. Funny story, my father was actually holding the camera upside down to take the picture and she went up to him and said, “uh um, sir”

What was your favorite time seeing the show?
Oh of course my first! There is nothing else like going to your first Wicked show! Wicked on Broadway was hands down the best show I have seen! However, seeing it with the people I love and live for the first time in Pittsburgh, it honestly trumps everything else.

Other than Wicked, what are some of your favorite shows?
Hands down the Color Purple and Legally Blonde. Without question. The Color Purple is such a beautiful show that allows everyone’s true colors to shine through, and it left me flabberfghasted and begging for more! Just like Wicked and Legally Blonde, it has a “HAHA TAKE THIS!” moment (like “Defying Gravity” and “So Much Better”) and the cast members were so very nice. The cast of Legally Blonde came running to ask who was asking for autographs, which I loved 🙂

Which “Wicked” alumni/current cast member’s work outside of “Wicked” do you admire most?
Kristin Chenoweth. Okay, this woman is GOD. I mean, who doesn’t love her?! She is such a sweetheart, and I love seeing what’s next for her!

PHOTO: Tyler with Dee Roscioli (Broadway Elphaba)

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