Fan Interview: Alyssa C.

Alyssa C. is the subject of this, our second fan interview. She has seen the show six times (with a seventh time in March 2010) between Broadway and the Tour, but she has seen a wide variety of people in the show between August 2004 and March 2009. Read this Connecticut native’s interview below!

Who is your favorite Elphaba and why?
It would have to be a tie between Lisa Brescia and Nicole Parker. I have seen both of them live and each just touched me so deeply with their portrayal of such a misunderstood, passionate woman. Lisa has a clean, lovely voice and her acting choices were very much spot-on. Nicole’s greatest strength is in her acting choices and the expression of emotions (her eyes told the story.) Also, getting to meet both ladies after the show was an extra treat!

Who is your favorite Glinda and why?
Jennifer Laura Thompson. She was my first (an
d second) Glinda and will always be the most special to me. She played the role with just the right amount of subtlety and comedic timing. It was one of the many things I admired about her!

Which Elphie/Glinda pair do you think has the best chemistry?
Honestly, each pairing has been so uniquely different. It is what keeps the magic alive for this show. However, if I truly had to decide, it would be between Carmen Cusack/Katie Rose Clarke and Julia Murney/Kendra Kassebaum.

What other standouts have you seen in other principal roles? What about ensemble?
Joey McIntyre as Fiyero was a personal favorite. I also very much enjoyed Deedee Magno Hall as Nessarose. David Garrison and PJ Benjamin are my favorites in the role of the Wizard. I have also had the pleasure of seeing Carole Shelley twice as Madame Morrible.

Who are some standout understudies you have seen?
The only understudy I have seen was when Michael DeVries was on for the Wizard.

Who is the nicest person you have met at the stagedoor?
I have met so many wonderful and gracious people at my experiences with Wicked. But, hands down, Nicole Parker gets the vote here. Truly the most patient and giving soul when it comes to the fans!

What was your favorite time seeing the show?
March 2009. I saw Nicole Parker and Alli Mauzey and not only did they give a great performance, they were such dolls after the show as well. Also, this particular day was the day my dream came true: I got to stand on the stage at the Gershwin Thearte! It was the most magical, moving experience getting to stand up there and talk for a few minutes with Nicole. I truly appreciate and love everyone involved in this show!

Other than Wicked, what are some of your favorite shows?
While it is not technically Broadway, I am a big fan of the “Cirque du Soleil” shows. I saw one of their shows called Alegria over the summer and it was just fabulous. The performers are amazing and can move their bodies in ways unimaginable! I will be seeing another show called Wintuk this December at Madison Square Garden and I cannot wait!

Which “Wicked” alumni/current cast member’s work outside of “Wicked” do you admire most?
Stephanie J Block. She has proven to be a true star in just about everything she does (be it theatre or her solo CD.) I got to meet her back in 2007 at Pirate Queen, and she was so genuine and kind!

PHOTO: Alyssa on stage at the Gerswin Theatre with Alli Mauzey (Glinda)

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