Editorial: Adam Lambert

This one shall be a quickie, but here are my thoughts on the whole Adam Lambert (former Fiyero u/s on the 1st National Tour and Los Angeles productions).

Adam Lambert is with no doubt an incredibly talented performer; he has an amazing voice and he has stage presence like few others. I have enjoyed just about everything he sung, with the exception of “Ring of Fire” on American Idol and the stunt he pulled earlier this week which led to Lambertgate.

Quite frankly, I feel that what he did was completely and totally inappropriate, for several reasons. For one, just because it’s been done for years on TV does not make it appropriate. The shock factor he wanted was totally there, so it’s clearly not common. Secondly, he knew it was inappropriate when he didn’t do any of it in dress rehearsal, thus putting ABC in an incredibly difficult position of having someone doing things onstage that is not conducive to their family station. And the fact that it was 7:45 in the west when he was doing it makes it even worse. Do any of you really want to explain to a small child why that man was putting someone else’s head in his crotch and moving back and forth? I don’t think so… And yes, I also agree with ABC canceling his appearance later this week. He compromised the values of their station; he has to deal with it.

Do I think it’ll ruin his career? Absolutely not. But was it stupid? Yes. He’s talented, but even the talented have to show limits, something which he utterly failed to do.

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